Finwin, Who...?

Branding in our era is a sensory journey. And in a time where business has evolved to H2H models, events can never go wrong! (With us at least).

Finwin Events, a subsidiary of the Finwin group, and led by the visionary leader Mr. Faroon Hamim, is an out-of-the-box event management company that presents a fresh way to create, engage and manage events.

From the development of creative concepts of an event, to its planning, preparation, execution right through to the packaged end product, we do it all. Each detail in events management is meticulously attended to with care and handled with much importance by a team of professionals. Nothing is left to chance; we cover A-Z and keep our stakeholders in the loop at all times!

Finwin, Why..?

In addition to our extensive experience in planning, marketing and managing successful events, we have secured more than 10,000+ attendees both in the UAE and Sri Lanka, with our biggest singular event reaching over to 2000 attendees in Dubai. Our expertise in planning, implementing, marketing and sponsorship makes us an easy choice if you want an unforgettable event. We also add significant value to our events through media coverage and exposure, reaching over a million people world-wide.

Our Expertise

Our Services

EntertainmentWe definitely make everyone dance
CorporateElegance and Class is our secret
SportsFor those who dare to compete
PrivateFor the ones that matter the most
Event ManagementA-Z planning and execution for events
ApprovalsDTCM Permit | Dubai Sports Council Permit
ContractorsWe connect you with the right contractors for the right job!

Stalls/Kiosks Set-ups | Marquee | Lighting and decor | Printing and manufacturing